about Sarah

Hi! I moved to Vancouver from Toronto as a professional photographer five years ago and I am continuously inspired by the beauty surrounding this city - not only the beauty in nature, but in YOU! I have always been compassionate and wanted to help others, and working with like-minded people and businesses has never been more rewarding. Together, let's go on an adventure and uncover the uniqueness that is you.

If I'm not around the city photographing clients on location (indoors or outdoors), you will likely find me volunteering my services, taking photos for animal rights causes, such as of rescue rabbits!


I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography - so I know how to make you at ease during your session, convey emotion and tell a story, while also handling all of the technical aspects with an experienced visual sense of what looks good. I am fully equipped to show the world how you want to be seen (as your beautiful, true self!)

My passion for photography began in high school and hasn't left me since, hence my decision to delve into this wonderful creative field full-time.